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DE havent sent me a email for this new 2FA i cant trade i cant buy nofting how to i fix it Thanks



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Go to https://www.warframe.com/user and make sure the e-mail is correct, then on your e-mail check the spam and trash folders for it. The process is automated, so unless there's user error you should get it quickly.
You can also try to disable and re-enable 2FA in case there was a server error or some other glitch in sending the e-mail. That's improbable, but not impossible.
If all else fails just submit a support ticket.

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8 minutes ago, Alfawolf1994 said:

let me see if i can explain this in a few steps 

  1. go to https://www.warframe.com/
  2. Log in by top right to the left of download (same thing you would do to log into the game)
  3. once your logged in mouse over it 
  4. click account management its the only option other then log out
  5. that page should have the option to enable it and then it will send you a email to the account giving you the code for the promt the game will give you next time you log in
  6. done

Your at zen desk their support platform i think thats were your getting turned around at 

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