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We all know that credits is easy to earn

but,this patch credits is harder to earn 

for example : T3 void used give you 7W up credits but now 3W up ~  4W 


The thing what happened is we can still get a lot of Mods but we cannot fusion it 

because our credits is running out ! 

We must be carefully at using it or we will have non of it 


There are a lot of cost in UP10:

buy the new Warframe's BP and create it

buy the new Weapon's BP and create it

buy the new clan weapon's BP and what it needs and create them both

Transmute for all Mod(if new mod add in all mod will be harder to get)

buy the carrier BP

buy all the new ODD void BP and create it

create MAG Prime and its every parts 


What we do in normal time is:

fusion the Mods

buy weapon's BP and create it

buy warframe's BP and create it


This all cost credits 

but the main way we get it is nerfed

and it is harder to get T3 key(as I say in Transmute)

We are now spending > earning

We are gonna be poor space ninjas soon.

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When UP9 my girlfriend and I have 900K and 2 million 

but now UP 10 is 40K and 300K 

it is true !

We are not play warframe all day 

We cannot do that lots of alert mission as all you guys 

warframe is fun indeed but the pressure now is too big to play as casual gamers

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Many people complained to DE that they had lots of spores and millions of credits, so DE just did what many people yelled ~ and before the patch 10, in the week before, i got 100k each run in the void..... i just had 10k and after patch 10.......300k, so i am okay and thanks, DE ~

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