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My Weekly Plans & Nightwave Tips


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This is a much less extensive, more Nightwave-focused follow-up to my earlier thread. Again, I encourage people to share their own tips and tricks, because I do not claim to know everything, nor expect everything I do to work for everyone. Once again, I just hope this thread helps someone in some way. That is all. If anyone wants me to keep updating this thread every week, just give me a shout - I already write everything down as I mentioned in my earlier thread, so it's just a matter of copy and paste.

A quick reminder, I play the game in up to four daily sessions:

  • Morning Short Session: Credits runs, Sortie, Kavat DNA run. One hour tops.
  • Afternoon Long Session: Intentionally expendable for flexibility. Relics, bounties, relic clearings. 90-150 minutes.
  • Night Session: Tridolon, because I'm superstitious. 25 minutes.
  • Special Session: Single different non-regular item each day, planned for the week. Up to 40-50 minutes.

First thing I should note is that Nightwave acts are never the primary focus of my play, but are instead "pacebreakers:" a little something different to break the pace of my regular play and keep things fresh each day. I mean, sure, I could complete most of these acts in one Long Session, which is what I did in my Rank 30 chase in Season 1. However, a) that's not the intended purpose of the Long Session (see above), and b) I would be lying if it didn't bore me a bit from time to time. When I switched to my current plan for the Prestige ranks, the bouts of boredom disappeared entirely. After all, focusing on any one thing over a long period of time is going to make you sick of it eventually, so it's a good idea to mix things up. Also, planning ahead allows me to optimize my completion of these acts, maximizing my efficiency.

With that in mind, here are this week's (Week 3) Acts, and how I will complete them:

  • Earth Bounty Hunter: Passive change-up. Eidolon Bounties count, so immediately that's two down, and I'm still running relics for the Unvaulting, so I'll switch back to PoE for the rest.
  • Operative: Passive, Sunday mop-up. Sorties and Nightmare missions count, so I'll essentially ignore it until Sunday, if needed.
  • Invader: Special Session add-on, 3 per day. Yup, I'm using a Nightwave act as a pacebreaker to a pacebreaker.
  • Test Subject: Monday Special Session.
  • Protector: Passive, Sunday mop-up. Same as Operative.
  • (Elite) Night Terror: Tuesday Special Session.
  • (Elite) Kill Profit Taker: Wednesday Special Session.

My Special Sessions for the week:

  • Monday: Test Subject (NW)
  • Tuesday: Night Terror (NW)
  • Wednesday: Kill Profit Taker (NW)
  • Thursday: Riven Unveiling or Cracking Relics
  • Friday: Dojo Interior Design
  • Saturday: Cracking Relics or Arbitration
  • Sunday: Nightwave mop-up or Riven Unveiling or Arbitration

Minimum rank by end of week: 0 - 304,500 Standing left (assuming 10-week season, not counting catch-ups and extras)
Recommended rank: 9 (steady 3 rank-ups per week plan)

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