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Semi-automatic and DMR weapons, What's The Point?


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In general, they have longer time to kill, generally doesn't go over 60 or even reach 70% critical chance with point strike, have annoying zoom level like in Latron wraith variant, suffer more from the 90% multishot chance of split chamber, doesn't have punch through, doesn't have combo like the sniper rifle does, much less effective at utilizing status proc. An overall downgrade from their same tier automatic counterparts.

Would be nice if they have a mechanic like the sniper rifles but perhaps a weaker variant since they seem to be the in-between of conventional automatic AR and precision sniper rifles to actually justify using their usage other than an option for player to fiddle with.

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They are a relic of another warframe era, like the current AR weapons. Tbh i would love a general class based buff but maybe combo will make them too much like snipers? Maybe giving them some headshot based buff would do the trick, or some other thing... 

Innate punchthrough would definitely be welcomed tho, wasting a mod slot on punchthrough is never fun. 

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higher TTK? 
here's a quick look at a few Weapons, Modded & unmodded. Modded Loadouts are a basic Multi/Damage, a few Elementals(mixed depending on whether a Weapon would want to opt towards or away from Status Elementals based on how high the Status is), and Crits. just Burst DPS(generally what Automatic Weapons excel at).
note that the Modded situation is 7 Mods in total. just going for something quick to calculate.

Braton Prime: ~375.5
modded: ~10,051.2

Soma Prime: 288
modded: ~16,866.7

Telos Boltor: ~397.5
modded: ~14,989


Latron Prime: ~524
modded: ~23,666

Latron Wraith: ~477.5
modded: ~25,515

Sybaris Pime: ~1,078.7
modded: ~48,398


doesn't seem like higher TTK to me. and this doesn't even account for DoT which uh... favors the DMR's a little bit anyways.

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OP, are you complaining about the Veldt?

I didn't remember my Prisma Grinlok having any issues you are talking about.

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