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Main quests have stopped unlocking

(XBOX)a Total Nutjob

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Hi, it appears that my main story quests have stopped unlocking & i am onlyy able to do the optional side quests, inaros & revenant.  I may of course have something confused but since bringing it up in clan/alliance/region chats it is evident that many others have experienced the same thing. This is a pretty major problem given that we can no longer follow the story, denies us much mastery score & stops us from playing arbitrations as we cannot fight ropopolyst because we cannot complete the chimerra poject.... Please help us!

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2 hours ago, (XB1)a Proper Nutjob said:

Please help us!

There is almost no information except "doesn't work" so we cannot help you~~


What Quests do you have completed so far, which ones missing and which ones are locked?

Did you check Wiki, as the last Quests (i.e. Chimera Prologue) needs you to have the Personal Quarter...and we don't know if you have it already built (lack of info again)

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Yeah ok thats fair, i was kinda hoping it'd be a simple thing & someone would come along & just 'do this...'.

So the quests i've completed are (as they appear in codex): Vor's Prize, Saya's Vigil, Vox Solaris, Howl of the Kubrow, Once Awake,  The Archwing, A man of few words, Stolen Dreams, The Limbo Theorum, The New Strange, Natah, The Second Dream, The War Within, Hidden Messages, Chains of Harrow, The Silver Grove, The Glast Gambit, Ovtavia's Anthem, Patient Zero, The Jordas Precept.

Quest that are visible & playable are Sands of Inaros (current) & Mask of The Revenant.  The Sacrifice is the only other quest visible but is locked due to pre-requisit of Apostay Prologue.

I have built & have access to my personal quarters.  Please let me know if there is any other info you require.


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