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as bored vet mr allmost lazy 27
about the event itself , boring But i actually enjoyed playing the last mission

it was diffrent i liked how the pack is immune vs "some of the stuff but not all"

for a first time of ages it wasn't spam 4 , alt tab , spam 4 🙂 i had to play the game and shoot my overpowered gun and stuff

for me i feel this should happen after minute 20 on atleast "more strong enforced planets" .

from all bored people who still play because .. well because we don't know either

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27 minutes ago, (XB1)Cubic Clem said:

Well I was saryn.. everything died .. the most thing I enjoyed was that the rounds were that quick lol

I was about to say this. As the same kind of bored veteran, but reversed, I just wanted to rush the operation with my gfirlfriend since we had other stuff to do. Saryn made it effortless and fast, for the better or worse.

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3rd one pissed the wife and I off.  First time trying to do it, the game glitched and continued to stick us in a teleport loc.

No line of sight, multiple doors between us and them, and no matter where we were on map, always teleported back.   Unless for some reason we kept being shoved through the map...   That run just really felt glitch screwed.   I mean heck.. one time, I got half way across the map, a good 30 seconds of running, jumping, etc.   and then suddenly teleported rght back to that same f'ing spot.

Took a day break and tried it again.  No problems.  I got teleported just once.  Don't think she got ported at all that time.

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