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FYI: 1000 Friend cap is coming.


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Greetings Tenno,

This PSA only pertains to a handful of you, but as I am part of that handful I wanted to take the time to explain a coming change so that we are all on the same page:

We are applying a 1000 Friend cap to your friends list.

I’ve certainly been pushing the technical limits of this with my ‘Accept All’ mindset, and as a result I have many errors that are entirely unique to accounts in the 10,000+ Friends range. Many of your favourite games and services have capped friends lists, and we will soon follow suit.

Your Friends list is more than just account IDs - we always look up their current Alias, selected avatar, last playtime, active missions, and more. Doing this for thousands of Friends can involve hitting huge database pages, and it affects performance.

This will be coming a few weeks from now. Anyone who logs in after the change who has more than 1000 Friends will be able to keep them all, but unable to add more. We will be adding a few ‘mass delete' tools as well to help you shrink down your list.

Thanks for understanding and we will let you know when we are closer to releasing this change.


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2 minutes ago, -Bv-Psykiik said:

i think i have 5-6 and am not sure if they still play or not 

I have 24 last I checked, but most are either streamers or people from streams I watch that added me to trade something.

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