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Stephano Uranus spawn


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Greetings. When you join a mission a bit late and spawn in water you cannot exit water if host is already out of water. Ive tried killing myself, unstuck, etc. Nothing. Abort retry and hope I join a team at the same time or recruit or solo. 

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Before claiming that something is bugged, please confirm that you can replicate the issue and are able to define your experience coherently, so that people would possibly manage to assist with the problem. It is also advised to inspect the bug report section of the forums for existing threads that may already address the issue at hand. The search bar in the upper right corner of the Forums' inner header has some extra options in addition to keyword searching.

Remember, issue happening once is not a bug, twice is a coincidence, three times is worth of worry. 
When it comes to the details needed, follow the latest big Update's bug reporting megathread's guidelines, supply every detail regarding the problem, from build number to methods of replication, additional software status and visual evidence, as well as logs to Support if requested.
For this very issue, it would be useful to have visual evidence. If not a video, then screenshots portraying the matter at hand.

This very issue has been present for a while now with unfitting hosts (whether to their or your fault is irrelevant), but in order to pinpoint the actual issue, we need to see what exactly each of the players encountering the issue had in common.
From what is seen in this thread, mcdoo has
- participated as a client of the squad
- joined the mission through random matchmaking rather than invite
- joined the mission after the mission has started
The information we lack are finer things such as matchmaking settings, connectivity health of both host and client and similar potential data that would potentially imply an effect.
Was this the first and only time the player has suffered an issue? Does this happen to all clients with all hosts?
I can bring several month-old information through testing with various hosts across the entire globe that it doesn't, but everyone has a different experience, so more detail will always be appreciated.

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