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helminth, nidus phryke and nidus phryke helminth skin issues


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hi guys, i've seen that the helminth base skin energy color "pink" is impossible to change, even if i use the "mesa blue" the main part of the skin remain pink... is this a bug? what's the purpose of changing the energy color if it stay 100% of the base color? the only way to "change" it is to set a white(ish) color so it has no "alpha" parts in it and it don't get invisible (like black energy)... but i want it BLUE.....

another HUGE bug i have is that the nidus phryke and nidus phryke helminth skin has some UGLY and honestly stupid WHITE STRIPES like an "inking" or as the texture of the skin is not scaled perfectly even though i've tried to set the resolution to medium first and high next, but nothing changed... i've just wasted 375 plat for a skin that's super ugly if you want it dark colors....... this happens for BOTH SKINS, nidus and helminth

helminth base energy
nidus phryke white stripes???
helminth phryke white stripes???


while there's no light the phryke skins issues disappear, while i use the torch to light the helmint or myself the issue become visible... so i guess it's a lighing bug or something related to spotlights (?)

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