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How To Grab A Rhino By Its Horns And Take It Down.


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I wasn't really a big fan of the pvp in warframe, just didnt like the idea of pvp in a pve game, but it grew on me and the conclaves came out and  i started getting stomped on by Rhino after Rhino that had Rage so they could easily pop iron skin when my acrid hit them, so time after time acrid failed for me against a rhino. ( i know some may say, but acrid is awesome and i have killed many rhino's before with it). well i aint you, and playing with a laptop touch-pad aint easy when using semi auto weps that have travel time. So.... i went on a search, a search to find a rhino killer, something that could take down a rhino's iron skin in seconds and kill them before they could have a chance to react to the fact that their iron skin just got f***ed so. i my hours of building sidearms ( cause i like bringing bow into conclaves makes it more fun when i kill a guy with a supra with a bow). i finally came up with this


<a href="http://s790.photobucket.com/user/mukurat/media/be39a469-e1b4-45b1-ab90-ac30fad9a92d_zps1b1100b1.jpg.html" target="_blank"><img src="http://i790.photobucket.com/albums/yy187/mukurat/be39a469-e1b4-45b1-ab90-ac30fad9a92d_zps1b1100b1.jpg" border="0" alt=" photo be39a469-e1b4-45b1-ab90-ac30fad9a92d_zps1b1100b1.jpg"/></a>


still need to forma it 1 more time to perfect it, need to add a larger clip


so... what do you think, it works quite well.

what are your rhino killers i would love to know


ps. you only need to click one of the links, didn't really know what i was doing :)

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My twin vipers were banned from the dojo back in the day, thats how awesome they are.

back in the day, when i brought my vipers into the dojo people laughed and told me how stupid i was for trying a pvp fight with them....... they stopped laughing when the match was over in 1 second flat lol

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> getting stomped on by Rhino after Rhino that had Rage


I can see how that would be annoying


> my acrid


.......you have no right to complain...


exactly, your acrid, i dont got your acrid and i like to actually play fair and beat people playing fair, i have been practicing and i am now easily killing iron skinned rhino's with a paris

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