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Black screen in PoE


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Hello everyone i looked thru few posts as ppl geting frezes etc.
But i got different problem when i am in plains of edolon like 30 or so my screen goes black and i need to reset PC i can hear the sount and stuff but my monitor is off.
I get an error after reset (radeon watt man setting was restored blabla...)
Someone told me its amd driver problem but i did clean reinstal and didnt helped.
Anyone got the same issue ?

Pc specs:
AMD fx 8350
msi r9 270x
16gb ram

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7 hours ago, Injected_Pie said:

The Wattmanerror is related to the GPU timing out (unstable card or driver issues)

Windows Timeout Detection and Recovery should kick in normaly there so you dont have to reset the PC

What OS and Driver is used and how hot is the system ?

Win 7 64bit latest updates ( i know its old but its the best 😄 )
Radeon software  19.5.2
CPU: 45 C
GPU: 65 C

i dont think its the temperatures because i reaplyed thermal paste after 1st crash on cpu and gpu thinking that pc overheated.
I do think it has to do with the new gpu particles because i was ok like 2 patches back.
After the latest patch i crash even at normal maps it will hang and my monitor turns off u can hear disorted sound in backround.
And this happens only with warframe battlefield 1 and 5 no problem all day

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21 hours ago, Injected_Pie said:

Could you try the betadriver and see if it changes use the "clean install"


I tryed beta version and crashed when i was standing on my ship lol.
So i tryed to stres test my system to be sure  with aida64 gpu,cpu,memory then everything at once  and didnt had any problem.
What i think its weird that aidas stres test didnt make my pc HOT as warframe.

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