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some thoughts on endgame


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So I've been playing warframe on and off for a while, and just recently started to get more committed into it. It's been really fun so far but looking around at the youtube scene and the like I can see where you can start to hit a wall after you've began to collect more or less everything available. The good news is that I think you are very close to nailing it and that the systems you already have in place could be retooled to make endgame content that is sustainable. 

I'm not sure how much you're familiar with wow, or how you feel about it, but one system in the more current iterations that has been arguably successful is something called Mythic+.How it works is that you get a key with a number and dungeon associated with it, and if you complete that dungeon in a fast enough time, you get some extra loot and the key's number goes up and a different dungeon is attached to it (and falling below a certain time threshold reduces the key number by 1 but the dungeon remains the same). The number determines how difficult the dungeon is and the quality of loot. Something that I find interesting with how this system is designed in particular is that It "saves" you progress by starting you off at a difficulty that's appropriate for you, and instead of restricting you by weekly limits/caps it restricts you by scaling difficulty. I'm thinking this is something that you can make use of and even do so economically if time/budget/ect is an issue.

I understand that player ideas for systems like these are rarely feasible word for word (mostly because we only know so much of the restrictions/limitations you guys have to deal with), but maybe these might give you some ideas for content that is aspirational/sustainable. With that said here are two suggestions you could try or take apart for pieces

1. XTREME ONSLAUGHT, so with this it starts off as elite sanctuary onslaught would, but every like 5 rounds completed it saves you to that level of difficulty. So like after beating 5 rounds you are at tier 1, 10 rounds tier 2, 50 rounds tier 10, 1000 rounds.... ect ect it goes on forever. This means that if you're in a group that managed to make it say tier 2, the next time you would start this mission solo it will always start you off at tier 2 until you reach higher. If you're in a party the tier the party starts at is determined by possibly the highest tiered member of the party or the tier the person who made the party is currently at. The tier you're at resets weekly, so each week you're trying to reach the highest tier humanly possible. The reward for reaching each tier for the first time is sigil/cosmetic that becomes more impressive the higher you manage to get, but their is also a weekly sigil/cosmetic that visually displays how far you managed to reach this week, which resets weekly also. Some possible variations on the idea could be having solo and party tiers split (meaning the your personal tier is determined by how far you and you alone manage to reach) with party tiers being associated with parties of specific groups of people. Or you could try this system for defense/survival/anything that goes on forever. The basic premise is a scaling mission that saves you progress and visually rewards you for how far you get.

2. I really dig nightwave, but I get bummed that after I finish all of them I'm basically done with it until the next week. I noticed with nightwave intermission after you finished all of the weeklies available you actually got additional tasks, which was cool. What you could try is something where after you finish the initial weeklies, you get additional tasks that give less rep and are more difficult, and after you finish those it keeps going until you get the ULTIMATE TASK for that week, and if you can manage to finish it you get a cosmetic showing that you managed to finish that task on that specific week (likely a sigil since they're easier to make compared to other cosmetics I assume?). After that week it resets and we do the whole shabang all over again.

I think what I'm trying to shoot for is content that stays at a level of difficulty most appropriate for you (so like starting at round 25 instead of 1 if it knows that you can easily do round 1) and when pushed to the extreme gives limited time cosmetic rewards. People like showing off they've done something difficult to others, and people get motivated when they know the availability of a prestigious item wont be forever.

But as always I could be wayyyy off on this, I'm no stranger to being utterly and completely wrong haha. Wouldn't be the first time, far far farrrrr from it

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16 minutes ago, bananaphantom said:

nightwave intermission after you finished all of the weeklies available you actually got additional tasks,

You couldn’t. Well, not in any way you don’t this season.

16 minutes ago, bananaphantom said:


This really won’t work. You are completely ignoring the limitations of the mode. We do not get enough enemies spawning after a certain point to carry on. If I hit that point in the first couple hours, I cannot play again that week. This is not a good system.

  • It would be far more logical to increase the tier after 8 waves.
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