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Motus Setup is awkward and needs a change


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Motus Setup is a rare drop from Disruption that gives shotguns +100% critical and status chance for 4 seconds after landing from a bullet jump or a double jump. In concept this is a really cool mod! The bonus is strong, useful, and opens up some interesting builds. A slightly longer duration would be nice, but the current one is usable. The condition, though? Extremely frustrating! Jumping every four seconds is one thing; landing every four seconds another.

Bullet jumping or double jumping to activate an effect is fine. We do both of these things all of the time. The trouble is that Motus Setup doesn't kick in until you've landed. Mantles and wall-jumps don't count. This is incredibly anti-synergistic with the Motus set bonus, with the rest of the new mobility mods introduced with the Gas City remaster, and runs counter to the incentives of moment-to-moment gameplay itself. Yes, there are ways to land sooner - you can slam out of the air or aimglide to cut short your jump. But the fundamental problem is that Warframe generally wants you to be airborne to move around, to get better angles on enemies, and to evade and avoid damage. Staying airborne is just more effective and more fun.

Luckily, this is a really simple fix: just make the condition be "after bullet jumping or double jumping". No need to land - except to reset your jumps so you can trigger the buff again!

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