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Void Survival - Rewards Affected By Time Or Not?



I know that regular survival missions' mission reward is affected by the time you stay (15+ minutes for tier 3 rewards). However, I was wondering if that's the case for Void survival missions as well.


It could just be RNG, but for the most part, I keep on getting Latron Prime Stock when doing 5min T2 Survival, while doing 10min or 15min makes me get Mag Chassis/Forma more often. Is it really true?


Like I said, it could just be my luck and coincidence, but I'd like to know a bit more from people's experience, not a datamined table.

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From limited experience with void survivals, time spent does not matter. I did not see any better rewards when I stayed for 15 mins rather than 5 mins. For example I got a Latron Prime Receiver from T2 Survival at 5 mins, which is as rare as Mag Systems BP. I also got tons of Helmets and Latron Prime Stocks when we stayed for 10 - 15 mins.

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