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[Warframe+Map+Enemies+Bosses=More To Come Concept In Progress] (Sanna)Sedna: Water Warframe.


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Posting this now just in case something happens again still piecing everything together and adding more to it this contains a lot of background depth a New WarFrame Map Enemies Bosses and More to Come


~Need help on Concept Art!! Currently 3d Modeling a Map for my Idea for a Game Mode


This started out as a simple Water Warframe concept but how my mind works and my imagination and creativeness started to expand upon a bigger and boarder idea still more to come


This Thread is a Wombo Combo All in All after I sort everything out and make it a lot more organized than it is. It will show a in depth tune of a; New Warframe, Map, Enemies/Life Forms, Weapons, Mini Bosses, Modification Cards and More!


That being typed up I will ensure you to the DE_ and Community that his Major Concept would add a lot of depth to the game bring about a whole A WHOLE lot of ideas and Game Play making WarFrame The Sci-Fi Ninja Shoot em Up Slash Em Up Beat Em Up GamePlay a lot more fun. ~!

~Love ThatGuyHD




I am a Biased person so I will make the most balanced Water Warframe Concept that I can. The Advantages and the Disadvantages. 


Updates: 4:47pm 9/22/2013

Added ability Set 2 for the offensive side of Wata.

Added the Pros and Cons of Wata's Ability Set 1


P.S I originally picked the name Wata because that is how Bruce lee pronounces it but he has great philosophy's about water which is why I picked the name as well. 


By Bruce Lee
“You must be shapeless, formless, like water. When you pour water in a cup, it becomes the cup. When you pour water in a bottle, it becomes the bottle. When you pour water in a teapot, it becomes the teapot. Water can drip and it can crash. Become like water my friend.”



   Sednaᓴᓐᓇ Also known as Sanna;  is the goddess of the sea and marine animals such as seals. A creation myth, the story of Sedna shows how she came to rule over Adlivun, the Inuitunderworld. A number of versions of the Sedna legend exist. In one legend Sedna is a giant, the daughter of the creator-god Anguta, with a great hunger that causes her to attack her parents. Angered, Anguta takes her out to sea and throws her over the side of his kayak. As she clings to the sides, he chops off her fingers and she sinks to the underworld, becoming the ruler of the monsters of the deep. Her huge fingers become the seals, walrus and whales hunted by the Inuit. Sanna is basically a Female Tenno that controls water as well as the moisture in the atmosphere. This warframe adds supportive tactics for it's fellow Tenno brothers and sister as well as a devastating attack. Giving her the control of the battle if under pressure. 


(Sanna's main purpose is to be the support Tenno rather than becoming a Overpowerd Tanker or HighDamage of every attack) 


Background Story: (Work in progress, have to work out kinks find the right planet reason to why he has been brought out and how to obtain her)

(Just small bases/thesis and research for me to start at)

Origins: Sanna Originates from within the Mikly Way from; Akasaganga  which is known as Gangas River. It was believed that the Milky Way looks like a giant river and that all the visible stars and planets moving through space are likened to a dolphin that swims through the water, and the heavens is called śiśumãra cakra, the dolphin disc.


How to obtain Sanna: A new map/area would be made called Bilröst, is a burning rainbow bridge that reaches between Midgard (the world) and Asgard, the realm of the gods. where various new life forms are discovered as well. 


Bifrost: Bifrost was the rainbow bridge that connected Asgard and Midgard, the guard at Bifrost was Heimdall. Bifrost was built out of fire, air, and water by the gods. The three materials gave the three colors Red “Fire”, Blue “Air”, and Green “Water”. 


How to get to Bifrost: Just like getting to the Golem boss you would need to obtain Nav Coordinates an Forge them to get to this Midgard world (A one time thing just time consuming) Or maybe the DE_ would be nice enough just to allow the planet to be accessable but you have to Beat Heimdall at Himinbjorg which was the mountain where the rainbow Bifrost connected Asgard and Midgard. On this mountain the god Heimdall lived, the guard of Bifrost. 

 After beating Heimdall you can access Midgard. 


If not then we would need materials to forge with Nav Coordinates to access Himinbjorg

Where are the pieces that we need to forge to make theHiminbjorg area appear?: The planets that would drop the materials that are consistent with water properties would be; 

Ceres: Ceres is the only known dwarf planet in the inner solar system, and may have liquid water.

Sedna: Sedna missions are named after water spirits of various cultures.

Sedna was named so, as it is one of the coldest celestial objects in the solar system, and contains water.
Phobos: The planet is littered with massive wind generators, providing what appears to be the majority of the planet's power, and various pumps and water bays are used to filter and process the water.

(This would add more enemy variety to the game as well releasing this warframe which will be shown later as you are reading).


Midgard: is the name for the world (in the sense of oikoumene) inhabited by and known to humans in early Germanic cosmology, and specifically one of the Nine Worlds in Norse mythology. 

Once you have forged Bifrost allowing you to get to Midgard you noticed their are a lot of areas to go through to get to Asgard which is where the boss is located.


Who is the Mini Bosses of Between Midgrad and Asgrad?:

 Freyr is the one of mini bosses of Alfheim: Freyr means “lord” Freyr was unbelievably beautiful. Freyr was the god of fertility, the sunlight, the rain and peace. Freyr was a former member of the Vanir. When the war between the Vanir and the Aesir ended, Freyr and two others were sent to the Aesir as a token of truce. In return the Aesir sent Honir and Mimir to the Vanir. Freyr, was also the ruler of Alfheim, and lord of the elves.


When Freyr wanted to get around, Freyr rode his boar named Gullinbursti. His boar was able to travel across the sky and over the ocean with ease. The golden bristles on the boar gleamed like the sun, it gleamed so bright that were it rode night became day. The boar rode quicker than any horse. Occasionally he made the boar, pull a chariot with him on it. 


Freya was the goddess of love, lust beauty, sorcery, fertility, gold, war and death. The name Freya means “lady”. Freya was a former member of the Vanir. When the war between the Vanir and the Aesir ended, Freya and two others were sent to the Aesir as a token of truce. In return the Aesir sent Honir and Mimir to the Vanir. Freya was incredibly beautiful, and she had many admirers. Freya loved poems and love songs. When she was hovering over the ground, she scattered morning dew and sun light behind her. She shook spring flowers out of her golden hair. Freya could cry tears that turned into gold, or amber. 


Freya was living in Asgard, the name of her house was Sessrumnir placed on the field Fólkvangr which means “field of the host”, “people field” or “army field” It was a place where half of those that die in a battle go for the afterlife



Who is the boss of Asgrad?:

Anguta: is the father of the sea goddess Sedna(Sanna) in Inuit mythology. In certain myths of the Greenland Inuit Anguta (also called "His Father" or Anigut) is considered the creator-god and is the supreme being among of the Inuit people. In other myths, Anguta is merely a mortal widower. His name, meaning "man with something to cut," refers to his mutilating of his daughter which ultimately resulted in her godhood, an act he carried out in both myths. Anguta is a psychopomp, ferrying souls from the land of the living to the underworld, called Adlivun, where his daughter rules. Those souls must then sleep there for a year. He is also known as Aguta.



New Life Forms(Faction) Emerges


[size=4] New world New Realm means Discovering New Life and Factions[/size]


At the moment I am still trying to find out what the Faction could be called but basically this Faction involves

Enemies that uses Abilities and Weapons as well. Since we are dealing with Dark Space Elves, Dwarves, Celestial Beings and the Living and the Dead. Which deals with things in a Spiritual Sense ( Energy Magic ) 

I believe it would add more excitement to what these new enemies can do what they can drop and what new things come about from this new place. 


Svartalfheim (also known as Mare) was the home of the dark elves. The dark elves hated the sun so they lived in the murky underground. They were hideous and could be a great pain in the neck to the humans many described them as being extreme annoying. The dark elves were nothing but trouble. Many thought that dark elves were also responsible for nightmares. These dark elves were called mare. A mare would sit on a sleeping person’s chest and whisper bad dreams to haunt the person. A mare could also haunt animals, particularly horses. The dark elves could not be exposed to the sun, if they got touched by the beams of light from the sun, they would instantly turn into stones. 


Dwarves lived under the rocks, in caves and underground, at a place called Nidavellir. Hreidmar was the king of Nidavellir,  Nidavellir means Dark fields. The dwarves were masters of craftsmanship. The gods of Asgard, the Aesir received many powerful gifts. Like Thor's hammer, the magical ring Draupnir and also Gungnir, Odin’s spear. - See more at


New Sentinel(s): That would come out with or eventually with Sanna.


 KATAUM Description – The sentinel who stood guard inside the doorway of Sedna’s  dwelling. Part of his job was to perpetually observe the world above and inform Sedna of any breaches of taboo. Mostly, however, he is known for being the final obstacle a shaman’s astral form would have to face before getting the opportunity to appease Sedna so that she would release the sea game that she was withholding from the Inuit because of the violation of taboos.


What Kataum would do as a Sentinel: Just having him equipped would show enemies on the radar (Range increases each rank) 


Base Attributes:

Stats Level 1 / 30

Heath: 240/325

Power: 100/250

Shield: 225/300

Recharge: 20/25

Armor: 30/60

Sprint: 1.3 ( Because water quickly moves through any possible gap)



= x4

- 2

V 2

D 1



Abilities Set 1. 3 Unique Supportive skills. 1 Devastating Attack. 



How it effects Enemies: Soak drenches a enemy in water making them sluggish as well as making them vulnerable to Electric and Ice attacks. Also the water damages the enemies gun jamming them making them unable to shoot for awhile. 

For Enemies or Tenno(s) using flame throwers:

Fire radius would become shorter as well as the damage would decrease.

Also Fire Element Damage would be decreased as well.


How it effects Team Mates:

When a team mate is in range of Soak, If they are on Fire it douses the flames out. If they are poisoned it cleanses them. If they are being shocked the water around them would slowly discharge the electrical charges towards the falling rain. 


A enemy that causes Electric Damage would shock themselves  but will still cause electrical damage towards a Tenno. 

If a enemy has fire damage and a player is soaked in water it would cause less damage.


If a Team mate is being shocked Soak does relieve and helps discharge the Electrical Charges away from the player but it does increase the damage of Electric Attacks. Also causes a Chain Reaction of the Electric Discharge to inflict upon anyone that is currently Soaked in Water. Doesn't matter if it's a Tenno or the enemies fellow Kin. 

If a fellow player has fire element damage it would decrease the damage upon enemies.


(The animation for this would be like heavy rain.)

Radis 10m/15m/25m/35m/

Stun 1.0%/1.5%/2.5%/5.0%

Enemies can be slowed: 3s/8s/12s/18s

Power Cost: 35


Mist: Mist creates a humid type atmosphere that allows Wata to create a area of Mist. That reflects her and his fellow Tennos causing enemies to perceived the reflections as the real one instead of the double-ganger. 

How does it affect Enemies:

Enemies become confused to where our fellow Tenno(s) are. Causing a great advantage to turn a tide in battle.

How does it affect Team Mates:

Team mates are able to hide, gain (x) Health back, as well a as increased Fire Rate and Accuracy.


Able to hide around and within the Mist, Gain small Health back and increased Fire Rate and Accuracy with every shot.


Though you can hide around and inside of the mist doesn't mean you can not be shot.

If you are shot even though that takes shield away that causes the HP Regenerate to stop and have to wait (x) amount of time to start gaining Health back.

Must be in the mist to gain the Health Regeneration.

This skill can only be used once at a time as well it takes a lot of Power to use.


(Standing inside the mist would heal health by (Starting base) 0.5 (Max 2.0) every second

Also due to your gun being covered in slight moisture would allow the bullets to slip out faster. Increases Fire Speed and Accuracy for as long you are in the mist) 


Radius 8m/12m/20m/35m    (Once it reaches around 20m standing inside the Mist would move your reflection to another location within it) 

Time that it last 10s/15s/25s/35s

Health Regen: 0.5/1/1.5/2.0

Power Cost: 70


Puddle: Simply makes a puddle of water on the ground, allowing elemental properties take effect. Enemies would lose their balance but will not fall for as long as they are stepping in the puddle of water.  

 How it affects Enemies:

(If you have Shock/Electric modification equipped shooting at this puddle of water would Electrify it causing any enemies already in it or stepping through it to take that shock value.)

(If you have Freeze/Ice modification equipped shooting at this puddle of water would Freeze it causing any enemies already in it or stepping through it to slow down.)

 (If you have Poison/Toxin modification equipped shooting at this puddle of water would poison it causing any enemies already in it or stepping through it to be poisoned taking damage as well as a after effect damage from the poison after stepping out of it)

How it affects Team Mates: Team mates can run through the puddle adding slight speed to their warframe. Sliding would last longer.

Advantages: Can take use of the puddle(s) of water created by having the right elemental damage equipped. Causing enemies to have to fall back or take hiding for the effects to wear off. The elements can be stacked to inflict a multitude of elemental damage.

Disadvantages: Though you can gain slight speed by going through the puddle. If you are walking or running then try to stop you would slide for a tad bit. Makes it harder to wall run or climb up on top of objects. This skill would cause you to slip trying to do these actions. The Puddle of water Allows anyone with Shock/Electric, Freeze/Ice, or Poison/Toxin to change the element of the water. That being said if a Fellow Team Mate steps in it they are also affected by the effects of the puddle. 


Radius 10m/15m/20m/35m

Time that the puddle last: 5s/10s/15s/30s

Power Cost: 45


WaterJet: Shoots many small water formed pellets from both hands at jet speed

How does it affect Enemies: WaterJet pierces through enemies armor causing a devastating attack. At the high speed that it is shot at the higher the armor piercing the more enemies it can go through. The pellets shoot out at a 180 degree angle at jet speed. First from the left hand following up with the right. A enemy can be hit by multiple water pellets. (This is why starting off the damage is so low)

~Haha can't be shooting pellets from the get go that damage at 100 already causing like 1,000 damage to everyone. ~ 


How does it affect Team Mates: If a Team Mate is standing in front of the skill they would be pushed back (Like the Force Pads) If a Team Mate is downed and their is to many enemies around shooting at you trying to revive them. You can use the Force from WaterJet to push them out of the way some where safer to be able to save them. 


Advantages: Inflict an array of damage on a crowd. Able to push your Team Mate out of danger while inflicting damage to enemies. 


WaterJet has no real distavanges as far as I can see. 

Except: When a team mate feels like being a $&*^ they can spam this skill at you just to keep pushing you but it cost power that would be a waste of energy. 


Armor Piercing 15%/30%/45%/60%/75/90%

Damage 5/10/15/25/30/45/50//55/60

Enemies can be slowed: 3s/8s/12s/15s/20s

Power Cost: 60


Abilities Set 2. 1 Self Unique Supportive skill. 3 Devastating Attack Skills. 


(With Ability Set 2 to keep it balanced and not over powering on all attacks their is no Slowing down movements or stacking up attacks. Just Direct Powerful attacks head on Switch from Supportive straight to the Offensive Side) 


Suffocation: Creates a compressed water sphere to surrounding enemies head. Which crushes the helmet which causes slight damage due to impact. Also starts to suffocate the enemy not affecting the armor but the health it's self for a certain amount of time. Due to the helmet being crushed once the skill wears off the enemy has a exposed weak point. (For those who only have helmets) Those with out helmets follow the suffocating affect. 


Burst: (Which I might say would be the counter-part of "Mags Pull". 

I have two options with this I do not know which would be more appropriate 


Wata pulls in a lot of water to her body and then at a jet speed a Sphere of Water Bursts out from her body clashing against all enemies around. The Pressure causes a lot of damage along with smashing into an objects.

(This is for a 360 AoE if we go off this one probably have to lessen the damage since it is not more direct)




Wata pulls in a lot of water to her hands and then at a jet speed a Straight Wall of Water Bursts out from her hand clashing against all enemies in front of her. The Pressure causes a lot of damage along with smashing into objects. 

(This one would increase damage due to it being more focused and direct.)


Maybe a option to choose between the two of them :\~


Conventional Ice: Wata creates a block of water in the air; in front of her. If any enemies stand before her she crushes them with a pressure of 2 GigapascalsWhich would cause IMMENSE damage pain bone crushing agony as well as turned into Ice. Eventually the enemy would thaw out but by that time. Her and her fellow brotherns would of gun downed and slashed that enemy into bits. 
(I would say this would be Wata's most powerful attack if caught)
P.S (2 Gigapascals is about 20,000 atmospheres or the pressure you get under 20 kilometers of ice or water.)

Alkylation Acid: Highly corrosive acid that would give anyone that touches it pain agony and not even a bone left for scruffy. Also Alkylation is a molecule that can reproduce itself. Any enemy affected by this element can touch another person thus they would be affected as well causing a chain reaction.(May even give it back to whom caused it to spread)

~> How to use Alkylation Acid|

  Ran out of ammo? Wata can quickly compress the substances around her with water and create acid into pellets forms of bullets adding "extra ammo" Depending on the weapon. She can stack the skill 2 times as base increases every rank.

(If you have a full clip the first what ever amount of acid bullets set would shot out first then your regular bullets would come back into affect) 


Again will try to make a concept design more than likely brush up on the text form and abilities.

Thought this type of Warframe would be pretty unique really up to you guys to decide. 

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12:25am 9/23/2013

I Changed the name from Wata to Sedna after doing a lot of research

Added a new map to which you can obtain blue prints to get Sedna

Added a new boss that would drop the Sedna Blue Prints

12:59am 9/23/2013

Added a new Mini Boss

1:11am 9/23/2013

Added on to the Map plan on making a concept design to produce a better imagination

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Aight ima go punch baby cubs in the face and tackle the Mother. 


(I will re write everything I have done based off the Updates from this above post) 

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Ok after beating the Mother Bear I was able to start working on my concept again, Yet I'm upset that I had to re do it. But I am glad at the same time. Came up with a even better Concept along with a bunch of other things.


It's still in progress but I am also working on a Bunch of other Concept ideas as well that will all follow through to make one big Idea.


Hopefully it comes along and seems like a completely new design looking like one Major Update haha. One can only hope.


Ima give my Mind a tad break and play a lil(6 hours) of warframe. Atm got 5 T3 Keys if you happen to see this add me I will accept


We can go on runs or go collect some Tower Keys 

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