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How about a boss rush mode?


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It occurred to me after doing the Lephantis fight for yesterday’s sortie that it’s actually kind of a fun battle that I never bother to do anymore. 

Same is true for a number of other boss fights (I’m excluding the Sergeant here because let’s be honest — not much of a boss that one). Once you get their frame components, I suspect most people never bother to play them again unless they’re helping someone out or it shows up in a sortie rotation. 

So with that in mind, I’d love to see a boss rush mode of some kind. Simaris seems like the perfect candidate to host something like this - maybe an ESO mode that grants additional efficiency based on how quickly you can take a boss down?

Just a thought. Given the amount of effort that I’m sure goes into some of the boss fights it seems a shame that they’re left to languish for a large group of players once they’ve got the limited drops they offer. 

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Yesterday's lephantis was weak, a bonus armor or elemental resistance one is a real pain. 

When you said boss rush, I thought you meant a QTE like we have for the Exploiter, that would be fun

i.e stun a boss and initiate a cutscene, would love to rip off krills hands while they still hold his hammer and beat his face with it,or punch Tyl regor with his own fist. You get the idea. 

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How about something like Diablo 3's Nightmare realm? A special area where 3 random bosses in the game spawn together at the same time at level 100. Obviously this is not very easy to do in Warframe since lots of bosses have tileset-specific mechanics.

But yeah... Exploiter Orb, Lephantis and uhh.. Vor+Krill. Why not?

Teralyst, Tyl Regor, Wolf of Saturn Six.


If you're curious, The Diablo Nightmare realms exist to farm Hellfire Amulet which is one of the hardest/most time consuming items that you can possibly farm in Diablo 3 (and they're not widely used anyway). Imagine Hellfire Amulet to be like an unrollable Riven in Warframe. As soon as you craft them, you get a random stat stick and you can't reroll it (well you can reroll one stat with Mystic). That's how bad it is to farm a good Hellfire Amulet.

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