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Ciphers, Hacking, Terminals And Stealth Gamplay


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We all know of the ciphers and hacking minigames. Most hacking minis are laughably easy and require minimal effort to actually solve. We have ciphers to, well make this part of the game even more simple at the cost of the resources, but honestly who really feels that they need the ciphers to do the mini game? Most only get them to make the mastery level test easier cause unlike the main game's hacking some of them can trip you up a little. I've heard many players say the hacking mini games are annoyances in the game and some want it removed. The latter is probably not going to happen, but what can we do with it to make it more fun or interesting to players. I have an idea!


We all have heard DE express their intrest to improve the stealth elements in Warframe, and I feel that the hacking mini game would have a more viable use in the stealth. How so? Let me explain how we can use hacking first then we get into different scenarios.


Here's what hacking can do right now in game:

-Close blast doors over windows

-Lift lockdowns


Not much, but what if we add on to those 2 things!


-Close blast doors over windows AND open blast doors

-Lift lockdowns AND cause lockdowns


Oh sure we give players options to open and close big deal right? Well some players are familiar with the controlled lockdown method and use it when they do stealth runs. Thing is right now they are like matches where you can only do them once and only in space corpus mission. This will allow an improved method of controlled lockdowns that can be used multiple times. We have the choice to lock enemies in rooms or just throw them into space! Where the latter could be used to cause a distraction while, i don't know, a small cell of tenno sneak by a group of corpus desperately try to re-activate blast doors to save their money allies!


We could also use this to give context to levels. We all have played mission where there is corpus/grineer with infected. Imagine that there is an artifact you are trying to get but there is a legion of infested around it but there are grineer survivors that activated a blast door and is hold up in a near by part of the map. You remotely hack a terminal and open up those doors separating the 2 groups. Now the infested ignore the artifact and proceed to the next area to kill and consume the remaining grineer battalion while your team runs in grabs the artifact and escape.


Maybe there's a new planet with deadly wildlife and a faction might have a security system to keep those specific threats out. What if someone tampers with it and deactivate the system? The ensueing chaos would be a wonderful time to sneak in and complete the objective. This can also be used to activate security system to turn on their owners as well.



This would also be a interesting way to include mini boss fights. There could be optional bosses where the only way to access them is to use hacking to access areas. And not just one terminal, multiple one where it would require teammates to split up and access different points. Where the mini boss would be attack stalker style, randomly attacking a specific player and now its a race to re group up to tackle this new threat.


Assassination and capture missions could have a neat spin on them by using all of what I describe above. Where you have one Tenno who is controllling the security systems ultimately leading and controlling enemy flow while the rest are moving towards the target.


An assassination where with the right choices and timing you won't even have to directly fight the boss. The target could be trying to escape with your teammates putting on pressure on his security detail. You open a few doors and close some and the next thing you know you throw the target in space, lock the doors preventing him from running, open doors to the outside that allows the wildlife to rip him to shreds, or just reset the security system to have turrets and robots to attack their former master.



Whoo. That was a lot! If you made it to the end I appreciate you reading through everything. Feel free to add on to this or tell me im wrong and how the hacking mini game should go jump off a tall bridge.


*I realized now i spelled gameplay wrong in my title

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Controlled lockdowns -might- be okay if they only affected one room, but you could get some epic trolololol going if you have one guy who just sits and locks the entire ship down repeatedly while everyone else is trying to complete the mission.


The problem with mission modes requiring complex teamwork is that communication in game is minimal-to-awful in public matches.  It would only be fun for people who have friends or clannies in mumble/skype/teamspeak/ventrilo/whateverthekidsusethesedays.

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yeah that is true. it could be used to troll people. there's less of a chance of this happening with solo play and guild/clan play. at times i get caught up in the whole aspect of improving gameplay through teamwork but i forget the average player has the mind of a toddler and would give a middle finger to any sort of cooperation.

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