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Host Migration (not news tbh)


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This happens once a day, maybe more? Girlfriend and I were just on Jupiter and I got a “Host Migration” message and she got a notification that I left the squad. I popped up in the same post but we were no longer together in the same mission. This happens quite a bit. Doesn’t matter what map.

An issue I get every now and then is after the rewards screen, I get a message that says something like “can not connect” (I can’t remember exactly) and then I have to close the game and restart.

She deals with an issue where she gets logged out on Warframe (on PS4) and goes back to the main screen. There’s always an Excalibur on the landing screen, as if starting the game over. She also has to close the game and reopen.

This didn’t always happen, but I’m not sure exactly when it started, since we’ve always had a bit of an issue with 2 PS4s on the same network. 

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