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Does anyone else think the clan/alliance system needs to be reworked (repost)

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Ok so this is technically a 3rd repost...but I got good reason I swear! It all goes back to discord, me and my friends where talking about my previous posts and the discussion quickly turned to the topic of clan donations as the donation system. as we talked about ideas to fix it. here a copy of one message-

"I'm it would be cool if we had the ability to give direct donations to other clans to assis with research and such.come to think of it, Aligned clans should have be able to request resources from the alliance leader as well."


After this I posted a decision about clan UI on Facebook...and the response kinda surprised me...most people said "I think that's happening along with railjack" but I would think DE would say something about this Shure the new team link system might add more meaning to alliences/clans...but it won't really change them. Of course this is just a idea...I just want the alliance system to be better hell I have plenty of things that I would like I'll even list it down...of course these are all just ideas... So feel free to change them to your Hart's desire...of give out new ones idk what you have in mind...





I would like to be able to see allience clan walls and visit alliance dojos


I would like a better broadcast system to keep the clan updated


I would like a better alliance UI and for it to be more accessible


I would like for the doulling room to be fixed


I would like to have a leader board system to set up gouls for the clan



And again sorry for posting this a 3rd time it's not really the same anymore anyways but Id hate to seem like a spammer...


Thx for reading...I know it's a pain

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