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[Suggestion] Dakra Prime Animations


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From what I've seen this sword does not have a unique animation apart from every other long sword. By it's defined shape the Dakra should be a Cutlass. Therefore it is a one handed blade. (I'm not sure why this is classified as a long sword.)


In case you were wondering this is a cutlass. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cutlass


You can see similarities between it and a Dakra Prime.




This weapon should have a unique animation which fits its weapon type. The style commonly used with said blade is like fencing, but with more slashing.


A random video demonstrating the use of a Cutlass.





Considering that this is a unique weapon to Warframe it would be nice to see animations that are not generic to all long swords.


It would be awesome to see this kind of sword play in Warframe. Please do consider it.

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They talked about adding a Fencing stance as an animation in the last livestream Perhaps it's intended for the Dakra. 

I must've missed when they mentioned it. I watched the livetream but perhaps was distracted at the time they said that.


Good to hear, likely will be for the Dakra.

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