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Orb Vallis is still broken


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From the day this thing launched all the way up until now, at any moment you can just be kicked from Orb Vallis on mission or free roam, and the end result is, you not only lose all your resources, but you lose the standing and equipment used to get those resources.. It's not even worth staying on Orb V with a team to farm extra standing, because at any moment the game can bug out and kick you off they entire game.. 

I just lost a hour and a half of farming these synathid fish an stupid freaking rocks, doing this boring repetitive stuff (that's been hated in like every mmo type game ever) using baits, an dyes trying to hit all these hotspots that are in the corners of the map, just to lose it all because Orb Vallis  is super glitchy, not to mention the resources I spent to get all the bait too, I lost everything, please respect my time..

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