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Tl;dr More Words Than The Average Internet User Can Handle.


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I came to Warframe over a year ago more or less.  Back in the early open Beta and I immediately fell in love with the ability to control a robotic space ninja-wizard.   I'm not a vocal key-board warrior by any stretch of the imagination but Warframe I felt was such a fantastic game that others on Steam should know about it and so I decided to post a review of it to let other people know that slicing and shooting your way through (Back then) the same five corridors was fantastic fun.  I dropped from Warframe and popped in and out and only now am really getting hugely involved.  Were it not for the aid of a friend whom I found by sheer chance I'd still be wandering around aimlessly killing and slicing without much discretion or regard.  Fun?  Yes! Productive? 'Eh'.


Warframe doesn't hold your hand and can be difficult in combat.  This is great for hardcore gamers who enjoy a challenge.  However what's not so great is trying to figure out the small details, odds and ends and other such things that make a game experience less an orchestra of frustration and more...well... a game.  The interface is still in need of a bit of tweaking.  But hell, the game is great let it go!  I keep a wiki open on the other monitor and scout out the info I need and I'm pleased to do it because DEARGODILOVEWARFRAME.




So that aside the messenging in the game is pretty terrible.  Pretty aweful in fact.  Many times someone who has offered me help has gone without a reply, making me out to be a heinous #$&(% because I didn't notice the small message box open amidst the hectic, bloody super ninja wizard wrath I'm unleashing upon the hapless Grineer glutious.  BUT I keep Steam open on the other monitor and my message experience is now better and awesome because Warframe is amazing.


By this time tl;dr has probably set in for the most of you but I BEG YOU DON'T GO YET I SWEAR THERE IS A POINT TO THIS RAMBLE!  The small hiccups in Warframe are easily forgiveable, easily dealt with via other means.  There is one thing however that kind of makes me give pause.  It gives pause in both my consideration for the game as well as how it will handle over time especially given that the original idea didn't actually come from me but from my ever so helpful friend.  So here I will post the conversation with the name of my good special friend ommitted so that he or she may not have ot suffer the wrath of a thousand praise filled posts from a grateful community who cherishes his or her ideas!  I am known as Shinobi... Shinobi the Original!


Shinobi: Sorry I leave Steam on all of the time even when I'm not at the PC.  I've been sick and laying down, but I'm up now.
Shinobi: Thanks for the alerts though, I appreciate it.


MySpecialFriend: aw sorry to hear that =\


Shinobi: Yeah, just kind of figures lol


MySpecialFriend: yea i figured but I wasn't sure. I thought "well maybe he'll check"


Shinobi: I'm contemplating buying the founder's 50% pack so I can get a nifty Excalibur that's at max lvl and has all of the skills.   I'm so irritated that I've still never gotten them.
Shinobi: It's been over a year!


MySpecialFriend: =\


Shinobi: On top of that the platinum is a good deal too.


MySpecialFriend: i can't say excal prime isn't awesome


MySpecialFriend: and the plat deal IS amazing


Shinobi: lol
Shinobi: There's darvo's deal
Shinobi: Gives you fourteen frames
Shinobi: But it doesn't list the price


MySpecialFriend: it's over 1k plat
MySpecialFriend: not worth it IMO


Shinobi: Phew


MySpecialFriend: so many frames are ... bad


Shinobi: Mag, Nova, Frost Rhino, Trinity, Ember Ash, Excalibur, Banshee, Loki, Saryn, Nyx, Volt and Vauban
Shinobi: That's... worth more than 1k plat though.
Shinobi: Unfortunately I have Loki, Volt and Excalibur
Shinobi: But considering that most of the Warframes go for 375...


MySpecialFriend: well those deals are rip offs too =\


Shinobi: Yeah
Shinobi: They all are


MySpecialFriend: imo no frame is worth more than 150 plat
MySpecialFriend: 10$


Shinobi: But at least you can sort of staunch the rip-bleed if you're careful.
Shinobi: Yeah I completely agree.
Shinobi: When I saw the plat cost versus item cost I groaned.
Shinobi: The only justification I can give is that-
Shinobi: A: They update the game regularly.
Shinobi: 2: It IS free
Shinobi: C: The devcelopers obviously give a S#&$ about the content


MySpecialFriend: all the more reason the price is unreasonable


MySpecialFriend: they would make a lot more by reducing the price


Shinobi: Hm


MySpecialFriend: cuz people would be a LOT less reluctant


Shinobi: That's very true.
Shinobi: Very very true.


MySpecialFriend: you know like 50% of the peole would pay for those frames for half price


Shinobi: I hadn't even considered that.
Shinobi: Yep you're absolutely right lol
Shinobi: I'd have just dropped X cash and whistled my way back into battle.


MySpecialFriend: right?


Shinobi: But the price literally makes me go "Whoa wait a tick... should I?"
Shinobi: Gosh...


MySpecialFriend: yea it's really tempting but...


Shinobi: Yeah


MySpecialFriend: then you're like


MySpecialFriend: wait.


Shinobi: That line is something I've said to myself a dozen times in this game.


MySpecialFriend: i could farm this dude's parts in 1-2 hours


MySpecialFriend: 3 days wait isnt THAT bad


Shinobi: I wonder if there's a forum where this could be posted.
Shinobi: LOL
Shinobi: This entire conversation would be eye opening maybe.



MySpecialFriend: there is


MySpecialFriend: warframe.com


MySpecialFriend: idk i guess it's a bit cynical of me


MySpecialFriend: but it's basic economics


Shinobi: No you have a very good point.  You got me at the part where I always stop to think "Yeah but..."


As you can see aside from the redacting of the name of my good friend, this is an actual conversation typos and all.  The punctuation snob that I am groaned at letting them be I thought it lent an air of authenticity to our well structured rambling.  In any case I'd like to simply say that I WANT to support Warframe and I will support Warframe.  It's a fantastic game, a great game and I think more should play it.  On that note I do think that what it has to offer should maybe be scaled down a tiny bit so that if anything else 'Impulse Buying' is a factor.  If I have to sit and hum and haw over whether or not to drop money on an item or a set of items then chances are it's something I won't be doing regularly or with any level of consistency.  The game is free as I stated above which is fantastic and costs are always an issue.  However at what point does the game pay for itself?  I pose this question not out of sacarsm or spite but out of the very real issue of people with or without money having to decide between several areas of investment in their lives. I would simply like to see a drop in the cost of Warframes and an evening out of the scale of payment.  Platinum costs quite a bit and doesn't seem to really buy a great deal for you at all unless you buy big!


Thank all of you who read this for having an attention span greater than that of the average internet user!  Please comment if you wish!

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Offtopic: Darvo's deal is pretty good, 130 plat per frame, but goes up to 182 plat (as soon as the sale ends)



Ontopic: +1, messaging could use some work (i.e. a new tab called "PMs" or "Whispers" or something.) and yeah, the market is terrible. When you first start the game cna be really engaging (I mean, how can ninjas with guns cutting up and shooting space marines seem boring at a glance?), and so you go to think, "Hm, what OTHER cool warframes are there?" And then you see the price. And then you check how much it costs. And then you go "hmmmm maybe, yeah, noooooope I'll just farm it."

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Welcome to the forums.


The market pricing is something that the community at large agrees that is way out of whack, and it has even been addressed by the devs as something they intend to get around to.

Being new here I can only try to convey to you how rare it is that the community at large agrees on ANYTHING.


As for your question, this game payed for itself (for me) over the summer when I'd spent more time in this game than any other, when this was basically my entertainment through those months. And so my "game budget" that I would otherwise have maybe spent on something else, I decided I was more than happy to put into the game that had more than filled more than 4 MONTHS of play. 

And by that point I had already become an active member of the forums, a high ranking player with lots of experience and a member of the community in general, I didnt just want to see this game grow I HAD seen it grow. And becoming a founder (aswell as a couple platinum purchases along the way) was something I justified to myself as

 Hours of game time played out-weighs the "cost" of the game (founders package)

if going by the normal retail standard.


So to ME thats how this game payed for itself.

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