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Warframe "Meld" grineer tech idea


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Welcome to my weird concept idea, its name being: Meld tech, it being a fusion between old orokin tech, and grineer tech, which come up with new quite interesting ways of upgrading their own weaponry, and you might say: "but ! There are no grineer things with orokin tech !", actually... no ? Because both the seer, vors damn pistol, AND the twin rogga, having bits of orokin tech inside them. 

The idea of "melded" grineer tech, is from finding out that seer AND twin rogga having orokin tech inside themselves, and i pondered "how about grineer having more and more orokin tech experiments ?" and i expanded it with even more ideas of "melded" grineer tech, for example here are my thoughts of melded grineer weapons

my idea of "melded" grineer weapons, is those are more akin to "grineer prime" weapons, which are upgraded variants of standard weapons like: grakata, argonak, vulkar and many more 

My idea of aquiring "melded" weapons is either trough doing missions on a special tileset of grineer orokin tech facility, or just defeating special enemies which are introduced, with melded weapons. 
these melded weapon recepies have odd requirements, needing: orokin relic parts, or ducats (kind of like paracesis), kuva and the weapon itself, for example: 
melded kohm, this weapon would need either 5 primary weapon parts (BP doesnt count), 1000 kuva and kohm itself to create this monstrosity. 
this weapon has increased stats, slight modifiers and revamped design, to reflect the "upgrade" it received. 

I thought aswell of there being "melded" mods, which are akin to corrupted mods, or more like amalgam... but instead of weird "positives" it has weird negatives: 
series of possible ideas of melded mods: 

Melded serration: 
++ damage for rifles 
- fire rate 

Melded organ shatter: 
++ crit chance 
- status chance 

Melded split chamber: 
++ Multishot 

Melded fury: 
++ attack speed 
- range 

Melded Hellfire: 
++ fire status 
- frost 

Melded buzzkill: 
++ slash dmg 

But those only are for weapons, i thought aswell of melded "warframe" mods, which are kind of like... "opposites" of the actual mods, for example: 
Melded stretch: 
-- range
+ strenght, duration and efficiency

Those mods would be interesting to toy around, mainly to experiment a bit with non standard mods, or even builds... so yeah here are some of my ideas for melded mods. 

thanks for reading this mess of a tread, and stay open to more updates about this weird idea XD

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