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在capture摄影棚中按下G暂停画面时,如果已经勾选镜头的“看向角色”选项,就可以透过按左右键控制镜头的移动并且镜头始终对准角色。通过这种方法我们可以录制出一个旋转的长镜头画面(不知道专业术语是什么 ..)


When I pressed the G pause screen in the capture studio, if I had checked the len's “Look at the character” option, I could control the movement of the len by pressing the left and right buttons("A"and"D"or"←"and"→") ,and the len would be always aimed at the character. In this way we could record a rotating long shot (not knowing what the terminology is..)

However now: if you press the left and right buttons, the len will be panned left and right without locking the character all the time. I am  a photography player actually, and hope that DE can re-join this cooool thing.

(If it is I did not find the way , plz tell me)


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