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Exceptions for mission limitations


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I have to ask if we can remove this from private matchmakings:

This is made for sorties, elite (real) sanctuary onslaught and Arbitration. If, especially in solo, I'm trying to do a high level mission with a forma'd or new frame, it is my own choice and responsibility. If that's a concern to avoid frustration with people that supposedly (even though levels are always displayed before entering such missions) don't know what are they getting into, at the very least put a warning, even though I can still freely enter Kuva Floods, Rathuum and high risk endurance index, which are and get harder than sorties and elite sanctuary onslaught. 

It was mainly made to avoid dealing with people going in public matches to "leech" and stuff like that, but as of now I only see it as a resctriction to my own methods and ways of playing/levelling.

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