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Greetings Tennõ


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My Name ist Primagen Van Atlantis. I am a dedicated Loki player and play like to old days.

Meaning of Darts, Bolts, Shuriken, Blades and my beloved Bo. :)

I started to play this game about Update 8. In Update 9 I had the most fun of my live but now in Update 10 I´ve seen some Glitches. ( WF`s scratching their backs instead of holding a gun, Doors won`t open, Main Menu "freezes" when I go out of a Menu like Arsenal... etc.)

But I life with it. Like Musashi says "Accept everything as it is."

Started to make a Clan called "Zoggergemeinschaft W013" means "gamblecommunity vienna 2013"

Some friends have builded with me a dojo. At the moment we have not enough Forma to finish it. ( No wallet warrior method ;p )

Also hope we meet soon in the Game.

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