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[XB1] The Seventh Dynasty is looking for 5 admins!

(XBOX)A 7th Spectrum

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The Seventh Dynasty is currently looking to recruit 5 active members to assist with resource donations and lab research and later become admins. We have an Orokin themed dojo and the main floor is almost fully furnished. We will also soon be getting a professionally designed clan emblem. Because we are a fairly new clan and we want to get to 100% research as fast as we can, we ask that only players who have 500+ hours in game reply to become admins, we dont want to completely drain newer players of their resources. Our hopes are to get research done ASAP and start accepting lower level players in right away. We would also like admins to be at least 18+.

Our goal is to get a super chill group of admins together to help out with recruiting, chat moderation, and member promotion when we begin opening our doors. 

The clan currently consists of me (MR26 with 1900 hours) and 3 of my newer friends, and we are expanding the dojo every day! If you are interested in joining or just want to take a look at the dojo, shoot me a message at my gamer tag *A 7th Spectrum*.

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