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There are some outstanding - both persistent and major - bugs in Warframe that need to be addressed as soon as possible. My group has stopped playing, with me reverting to Solo play, because of a few bugs in particular; most of these seem to have cropped up in the .9 version. If these do not get fixed, I suspect that cooperative could die.


1.  The Eternally Closed Door


-doors close and cannot be traversed by some of a player group

-may be an error in door state determination relative to the commencement of an enemy alarm

-only another enemy alarm, and its deactivation by the players, can "reset" these doors

-symptom sometimes includes an Open door graphic


2.  Ghosts/Lag


-post 10 version, playing with a single friend who is local (same city, both with high-speed lines), we see enemy entities running in place... dead, yet with physicality... some type of lag-induced remnant

-does not occur in Solo play

-fairly common: happens reliably up to 4 or so times in a single fair-length mission


3.  Prisoner Stupidity


-the Prisoner you rescue gets stuck in all sorts of architecture on many levels

-unless you are lucky, this makes success in a Rescue mission impossible

-introducing a bump/displace interaction might help, though that is not the most elegant solution (and who knows - you might create a new bug whereby you 'bump' the Prisoner out of the level geometry)


4.  Geometry Occupation


-now on any level, enemies have an uncommon chance to spawn inside or to enter level geometry

-a lackluster remedy is to employ a melee weapon hammerslam utilizing a maxxed Reach module, though this isn`t always sufficient

-perhaps an automatic 'null zone' detection mechanism could be introduced, such that any enemy that enters into an interior geometry space would be instantaneously respawned as if a newly arriving entity


5.  More Remote Player Lag


-prior to version .9, playing with a friend in Thailand had become progressively smoother & more stable, until we got to the point where network play was almost flawless; we could play through 3 or more missions before we might encounter a single minor netcode bug and require a restart

-post .9 version, the netcode has begun to suck: the game lags by a full second, graphics are sometimes garbled

-version .9 was the debut-point of this ongoing problem

-theory: .9 introduced alterations to the netcode base to support Sony Playstation networking (?), and that alteration corrupted the integrity of the PC netcode

-theory: possible solution is to revert to pre .9 netcode

-please fix, otherwise players will stop playing, no matter what good DLC you produce



Actually, all of these need to be fixed asap. The utterance pertaining to people playing applies to all of these bugs... they make the Warframe cooperative experience un-fun if not impossible, and that which is not fun is quickly abandoned. Again, I love Warframe, but these are some absolutely critical issues that need to be addressed & solved. Without attention, I`m going to lose my Warframing group, and I can`t blame them. I hope my erratta is productive/useful. Thanks for your time.

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Plus one major one:

Just ran void with 2 friends and noticed some of the above mentioned.
And this one: Stuff disappears RIDICULOUSLY fast. Even mods. ESPECIALLY MODS.
We even stopped to watch how fast it is. Broke a container, one guy picks up the "his" mod and after about 30 SECONDS it's completely gone from the level!
Aren't mods supposed to be non-disappearing since u9?
Same with everything else, I had resources disappear right in front of me ~1 sec before walking over it.
I don't know if it's multiplayer-only.

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Also, a note concerning #1. The Eternally Closed Door.


This may occur when doors try to close after the alert has been sounded by the enemy, but when an enemy or enemy corpse occupies the doorway, normally preventing it from closing. That would explain why doors players have not interacted with adopt this closed-but-not-closed trait.

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