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How Does The Flux Measure Up Against The Synapse? Video Inside.


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Note: Dont take this is any kind of hard evidence of one rifle being superior to another, consider the source. I am a pretty scrub player, so .... this is just my own impartial observation on how the two measure up. Im sure someone else can and will do the hard math that my drunk &#! cant be bothered with at this moment and show that one rifle is stronger than the other and whatnot. Good on them. Me? I freaking hate math.


From the video:


Video I made to show a 4 forma'd Flux vs a 4 forma'd Synapse. I know I screwed up the polarities on the Flux, as I couldnt get a max rank stormbringer on there. *shrug* Deal with it. Im using max rank Rifle Amp and these are against T3 Void mobs.

What do I think? Well, the Flux "feels" to me like it needs about a second longer on target to do its work than the Synapse. The Synapse seems to sometimes only need a single split second burst to instantly pop rank and file lvl 60ish mobs.

This is all affected by the builds and my own admitted inexperience with theorycrafting and such, I stacked a bunch of dmg mods playing up the Flux strengths and a bunch of crit mods playing up the Synapses strengths.

Would I buy the Synapse again? Sure, do I think it was worth 6 forma in the end? Ehhh, maybe? Its a solid rifle no doubt and with enough forma it will carry you into end game and serve you well, it just depends on you and how much forma you're willing to sink into the gun. At 2 forma to craft I still think it should have had a polarity or two out of the box.

If you want to pick my brain on anything, feel free to hit me up in game.
My ign: b4dkarm4

PS: DE, can this bastard get a 75% off plat daily? PLEASE? Several months now and best I can swing is 20%. Hook me up, cmon.

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I'd still say the Flux is better because you can cut enemies to pieces. Synapse is kinda... I dunno, not fun? It's basically like the Acrid. Least fun weapon, most damaging.


No I feel ya. I mean, at the still hefty cost of the Synapse, I think the rifle should at least do something interesting to enemies. Maybe "pop" them explosively or incinerate them into ashes. As it stands sometimes enemies just sit there dead but still standing up in a "im getting the S#&$ shocked out of me" animation. Its REALLY frustrating.


DE? Listening? Can enemies killed by the Synapse do something other than obscuring my line of fire? Thanks. :D

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