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Warframe Of Light: Lume/lumen


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I like to see someone who can manipulate light. They have the power to concentrate light into a projectile (similar to psych bolt), light speed warp, blind, holograms, laser beam (like the fusion moa). Those are just some ideas they could have, what I like to see them have be:

1. light wave- a radial wave of light is emitted causing minimal damage and knocking down enemies in a near proximity (like shockwave moas)

2. projection - you make a group of clones that confuse the enemy (all projections have low health and will give the user enough time to seek cover)
camouflage - using light you make yourself blend in with you surrounding for a limited time

3. Warp Speed - two possible ideas:
a) a teleport for you personally which is just light speed travel to a specified location
b) a team speed buff that embodies your allies in light armour allowing you to move faster

4. light beam - A highly focused beam of light that deals immense damage to anyone in its path. (like the fusion moa attack beam that penetrates the target

Name could be something like Lume for a female or Lumen for a male. Damage type be more laser damage from the attacks.

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Well my other thought be something similar to psych bolts but with light. But I figured a light manipulator would be more utility than anything else. But a light wave could gather enough force to repel anything it hits. But light bullets or a light pulse released from the hands could be useful.

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