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Grineer Ship Defense Out of Map Glitch


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For any user, yes, it's Hydron. 

I figured this out of luck. And not only that, there is multiple warframes that can do this. I know a certain spot above the upper-left intersection of the map (using Hydron as a reference). Some warframes do it differently. 

For all warframes, you must get on top of the pipe that is above most of the left side until you see the outside of the map (Operator slide is really helpful) (DONT CROUCH, you won't be able to use abilities that way).  

Loki (Ash for second part) : Place Decoy on top of a pipe in the direction facing away from the wall. Then, simply teleport to the decoy.

Wisp : Use Will-o-Wisp (correct me if wrong) facing away from the map, then teleport. 

Titania : Use Razorwing to go between the pipe and roof, go in the direction of the spawn room, then deactivate Razorwing and jump. 


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