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Stolen Dreams Grineer Arcane Codices, Pantheon (Mercury) Door Will not Open



So I've been trying to do the Stolen Dreams quest and I've run into the issue at Pantheon (Mercury) where the door to the console is surrounded by security drones, often with more than one. I've always gotten the door unlocked by hacking security, but the drones always detect me before I'm able to enter the door. Once they trigger the alarm, it causes the door to the console to close and lock me out. I can never figure out how to open it again as none of the other consoles allow me to disable the alarms or unlock the door again. The strangest thing is that the door's lights stay green when this occurs and never open until the data gets purged.

This always happens in the room that has two vent holes on either side of the entrance room with one locked door that leads to the console room, but only unlocks when the data is retrieved. I can never find an alternate path into the console room as it seems sealed tight. Usually I could find like a broken window or a different vent to sneak into, but this own has always dumbfounded me.

Is there a way to get the doors unlocked if the alarm gets triggered?

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1 hour ago, vaur06 said:

I think your best option would be to provide a screenshot of the room you are describing cause ... I certainly don't get it, sorry.

You're right, I should have. I just finished the darn quest and now I can't find that specific vault. Sorry about that.

1 hour ago, NekroArts said:

I'm going to assume you mean this vault.


Found the exact one at 5:38 of the video. I got so frustrated with the two drones guarding the only entrance to the console. Thank you for sharing this video!

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