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Gear Effects


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When I need to use Gear the most is when I am under the most intense attack on high level missions. The new Healing, Energy, Shield, and Ammo regeneration items are nice and encourage cooperation (yay), but require you to stay relatively immobile in X area in order to regain those stats. (boo).


Without other additional Gear that offers benefit exclusively on an individual basis - instantaneously rather than over time - I suggest quintupling the amount of stats. any of these items can regenerate, and/or doubling their radius of effect. Sounds like alot, but in an intense fight where staying still means death, you won`t be able to hide & heal to the maximum capacity of any Gear.


My preferred solution might be to double that radi, and reintroduce some measure of individual-benefit Gear.


I realize that multiple Gear might have cumulative effects, which is cool. That tempers any  boosts to Gear, of course.

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