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Nightwave Kill profit taker


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it just doesn't seem very fair that this is part of the quest cause as an old warframe player i have never been a big fan of the open world things. so just swap out the quest please cuz i just got rank 3 in fortuna its gonna take too long to get rank 5 and kill it for the bounty plz change it

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So you don't argue that you are new and never had a chance to unlock Profit Taker just like any other thread does.
You just say you can't be bothered with doing the Profit Taker. Yeah... no... not a valid reasoning. The Profit Taker challenge should stay.

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Then just don't do it...why force yourself upon sth you hate/don't want to do?

14 hours ago, GnarlsDarkley said:

2 elite weeklies: 14k

5 weeklies: 22,4k

7 dailies: 7k

sums up to: 43,5k per week.


we have 12 weeks.

So we have the simple equation of: 43,000 * 12 = 522,000 total.


We need 300,000 for max rank.

This equation is a bit "harder": 300,000/522,000 = 0.5747(126436781609 then windows calc stops)

That's 57,47% of the points

You can recover up to 3 old challenges ... so that's also not a reason

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