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Sigma & Octantis could use a wider groundslam cone


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As someone who incorporates groundslams into my parkour moveset now, the Sigma & Octantis is a weapon that is quite disruptive. The login reward weapon has the passive of melee attacking while in the air throwing the shield which will open an enemy to finishers.

This is great but unfortunately the "cone" for groundslamming has been made incredibly narrow that you have to mostly be aiming directly below yourself to perform a ground slam with it. Hope the weapon can recieve a similar groundslam cone to other melee weapons in the game.

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It's a sword and shield though, it would be more thematically appropriate if it sucket at groundslamming but was instead better at things you'd think a sword and shield would be good for.

The reason this point matters is because keeping melees functionally distinct from one another is already an issue.

In addition to that the vast majority of people don't care about the Sigma and Octanis ground slam. It's perfectly fine to alone with an opinion, but it's another reason there's basically zero chance it's actually going to get buffed.

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