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Not being able to recover old Nightwave missions.


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Hi, I made a ticket but got told to post it here instead, so I'll copy paste my issue. 


Hello, I started playing again yesterday because of Nightwave. I have by now completed every weekly + weekly elite mission available to me, and it is to my knowledge possible to complete past weeks missions to catch up.

I do not however get that option, instead I got 3 missions in my Nightwave log that says "Weekly (Recoverable)" but they also say they are already completed. I did not get any reputation for those and I am unable to do any of the past weeks missions. I have logged in and out a bunch of times aswell as waited until the 2am reset (GMT+1)

Would be awesome to be able to catch up on these past weeks that I missed.

I have included a screenshot showing one of the Recoverable missions from last week (I assume) showing completed, and the rep showing I only have the reputation from this current weeks missions + 2 dailies.

The one mission not completed is a daily.PDtL4oh.jpg

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