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When are we getting a Pet AI overhaul?


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In terms of what we need for pet AI, really deals down to the kubrow, kavat and MOA companions. Their mapping, enemy and environment interaction, not asking for a nerf or buff to stats. Now the mapping of the kubrow and kavats appears ok, but the MOA companions is poor, and sometimes my MOA is left behind and then next thing I know, it needs to be revived because it is stuck back in some part of the level fighting on its own and I don't even have a weapon equipped on it to fight, because quite frankly, id rather them sit quietly than to make a lot of noise and shoot at a floor or wall and miss 80% of the time if they do manage to see the enemy. Now I also try using my MOA for the hacking precept mod, which is great when it works and completely useless 80% of the time when it doesn't, when the MOA just stands there right next to the terminal not doing anything. Some people consider the MOA's to be xp fodder. I for one enjoy using my MOA, but only for the vacuum mod and medi-ray currently. The other mods are too wonky and with the current AI it appears it's kit is not optimized. Will we see a rework soon for these? Obviously I know there is a lot in the pipe line with the new update coming later this year and next. How easy would it be to fix their mapping and make them more utilizable with their current precept mods and make them capable of using a weapon properly? 

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