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Weapon idea: bola flail


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A brief description of what bolas are:


Bolas are South American hunting weapons best described as two or three heavy, round weights connected by lengths of cord. They are spun around the head by holding the middle of the cord before sending it at your opponent, whether human or animal.


I also know that:


The Ugha from Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull were masters of using bolas in warfare.

Dori, from The Hobbit, used a set of bolas as his long range weapon, when it was determined that having a whip that could take off someone’s ear at fifteen paces was too close to Indiana Jones.


So here is what I’ve got down:


A bola flail is similar to a two-ball bola weapon but one of the weights is actually a metal handle of equal weight. It requires it’s own stance, but what makes it unique is that you can throw it. When thrown it entangles one target in range and throws them to the ground. If used during a capture mission, it allows you to capture it without depleting the target’s health.

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