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Connection to host lost


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so i need 3 ONLY 3 intact sentient cores to up my ranking with the quills. easy enough. its night time. easy peasy. or so i thought. i go otu there, im picking up cores and then some for a healthy buffer.
i head back to the gate and the timer is incredibly long btw, why is is so much longer? anyways.  it gets to less than 5 seconds until ig et to leave and then CONNECTION TO HOST LOST. RETURNING TO MULTIPLAYER SCREEN or w/e it says. i get a mission failed screen and im back in cetus. i go to the quills, and lookie here NO PROGRESS SAVED. i love this game but this had me shaking mad which has only EVER happened when playing that god awful league of legends.
can we put sometihng in place so it doesnt pick the host with the dial up everytime?

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