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Fortuna Bounties Bug


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Ever since the new Excalibur Umbra update, there has been a new bug in Fortuna missions, at least one I encountered. Every time I queue into a mission and the task is to find the missing agents their bodies do not spawn. I have circled the whole yellow area and there are no bodies to be found. The bug persists regardless if in a group or solo.

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4 minutes ago, Cluosion said:

same i did 4 separate instances of the highest level bounty in the orb and everytime i could do the bounty until it got to the agents thing and then there would be no bodies so you just fail the bounty

idk if this helps but here is the bounty that didnt work for me it was the third stage where u find the solaris camp but u find the agents bodies firstunknown.png

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