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Vox Solarix searching the bodies


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I have done this mission 20 times I have been over the whole area.
I have done grid searches.

But there are no bodies. Nothing only enemies spawn.
I would love to progress but it is kinda halting my progress big time.

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Same issue, I'll be posting some screen shots below. I scoured the entire area and could find nothing. I've repeated the mission 5 times just to make sure it wasn't a fluke. I can say for certain that this wasn't an issue last Sunday. So it definitely has to have been something patched on Monday or Tuesday.

Edit: As a side note, I also just realized that Eudico does not prompt you after the completion of a part of the mission. She'll start to say something, cut off, and then the next mission way point merely pops up. Usually there's dialogue that transitions you into the next mission: "Great job tenno, we found this from A, that is leading us to go after this here at B." However, she'll merely stop at "Great job tenno-" and then the transmission cuts out and the way point pops up.

Also I had this bug happen to me while doing the highest tier of bounties Solaris United offers. If I wasn't presented with this part of the mission initially, I would still seem to encounter the bug; the sequence in which I encountered this mission did not seem to matter.

-Note the position of my mini map up in the top left hand corner of my screen. I think I covered most of the possible areas the bodies could have spawned in this location.









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