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A Video Essay on why Support Frames are Kinda Lame.


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More like Feedback and less like Fan Art xD

Still, I do agree. And it's not necessarily that any player can cover all their own support needs, it's that they can do it just as, if not more, reliably than a player who focuses on providing support. I think there needs to be a better emphasis in trade-offs. Yeah, sure, you could bring something that heals on your Damage-focused Warframe and build, but it should take away from the efficiency of your Damage.

Like, in Solo, you should want to equip yourself supplementary to your Warframe, but in Coop, you should want to equip yourself complementary to your Warframe.

Additionally, I think enemies need to have more extremes in their designs. Grineer getting such severe firepower, that those unprotected by Warframes with abilities that prevent damage will be melted away, or Corpus getting extreme durability, eventually scaling up to have very resistant, occasionally outright immune, shielding and armor, making it more valuable to bring equipment and Warframes that are good at negating or ignoring their defenses, etc.

In other words, we need better counter-play between the players and the enemies, and DPS should not be the be-all-end-all of the game, because it basically nullifies the viability of the majority of content on both sides. This would make all the non-DPS / Support type mechanics way more valuable.

Plus, DE needs to stop with the hand-picked immunity thing. How many Warframe abilities work on the Teralyst? You can't slow it down, you can't expose it to extra damage, you can't disarm it. Like, what's the point of any of those abilities, when they don't work consistently across the whole game? And if it's a matter of trivializing the content, the whole 'Chroma One-Shotting' thing already proves it's being trivialized by extremely high DPS, which is like the most boring mechanism in the entire game. It's basically designed that the only viable power set against it are the most uninspired mechanics in the game.

Overall, I do agree that DE does need to do something about the viability of these mechanics.

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