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Account stuck on inactive email address


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I don't know where else to put this, but I submitted a ticket on this issue last week (ticket ID: #1829610 for any admins reading) and have not yet received a response despite the fact that I cannot play Warframe right now. The issue is this: The email address currently tied to my account was compromised and disabled by my ISP, this happened a while ago during a time when I wasn't playing Warframe. I decided to come back to the game recently, but now after re-downloading the game, I literally can't log in because the game is trying to send a verification code to an email address that literally cannot send or receive emails anymore. For the same reason, I can't change the email address on my account management page because when trying to do this, it tries to send a verification email to the inactive address.

I'm mostly posting this here in the desperate hope of getting some attention from somebody with actual power to reply to my ticket. It's been a week already! My bf made a ticket a few days ago and he got a reply the next day, whilst I literally cannot play Warframe right now.

Could some admin or moderator with the power to respond to tickets please address this issue soon? I'm starting to feel like I'm being ignored.

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