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Nvm got it my self lol


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So I've been hardcore grinding equinox prime for the past few days, but so far I've had no luckin getting the systems. The process off getting void fissures then getting the relic to radiant and getting a mediocre item from it has kind of got me frustrated, so I decided that since the trade chat on the game is too chaotic I'd just come here and make an offer to anyone who may have a spare equinox prime systems.

I'd be fully willing to trade all of the rest of the prime items I've gotten thus far for it, which are: 


Chroma Prime Neuroptics

Limbo Prime Systems

Limbo Prime Blueprint

Volt Prime Systems


I know it's kind of crazy for me to give all this up just for the equinox prime systems, but the grind has brought out a chimp within me desperate for what it desires. 

Also sorry if I posted this in the wrong area. I'm not good with forums, never use them, etc. So sorry if I posted this in the wrong place.

Thank you in advance if you're interested in my offer/helping me out.

EDIT: Might throw in tiberon prime barrel too. (100 ducats worth if that's even anything.)

EDIT: Please reply here just in case I'm not online.

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