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Additions To Mods And Aura


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I'm sure I'm not the only one who thinks the customization system right now is a bit lacking in variations and options.  Mainly because it all comes down to viability and slot limitation.  Since all Warframes starts with 4 of its slot occupied with abilities polarizations, we really only have 6 slots to mess with in the beginning.  But some of those slots have their own polarizations as well, so really we don't have much choices at all.  Factoring in highly important mods such as redirection, or vitality, we really don't have much to choose from in the end.  As if that all is not enough, there is the matter of forma.  Once you forma a slot, it will take another forma and 30 levels to change it.  Which means not only are our builds limited in the beginning, what we can do with it in the future are also limited.  Surely if you spent a forma and all the time to level it, you would like it to be somehow future proof to a certain extent. 


So my suggestion is designed to combat these problems.  TLDR:  These problems are,


1.Limited amount of slots to play with due to default polarizations, and essential mods.

2.Polarization means less interchangeability for new mods in the future.

3.The importance of viability take away the fun and options of customization.


My idea is the introduction of passive abilities that are meant to work with existing mods in an interesting manner.  They should never be essential, they should be flexible, and always work on all Warframes.  And so viability should not influence the choices too much.  The choices should be made base on what interest you, and what interacts and synergize with your builds in the best way possible. 


The idea is to add four more slots to our existing 11 slots.  However like the aura slot, these 4 slots can only be used by a new type of mods.  These slots do not have polarization and the mods don't cost power. 


Here are some examples of the kind of mods I'm talking about.


           When shield depletes, you are immune to knock downs and staggers  for x seconds.

                                               your next power cost no energy.

                                               an energy burst knocks down nearby enemies.

                                               your melee attack will have 100% crit chance for x seconds.

                                               attack speed increase.


           When stamina bar is full, charge attack does bonus damage.

                                                   decrease shield regeneration delay. 

                                                   increase reload speed.

                                                   health slowly regenerates.


These will only trigger under certain circumstances.  Obviously there can be many different kind of circumstances, ie. power is full, health is full,etc.  But the point is that they are never essential to your success.  They are there to make an impact to your gameplay and potentially let you create different builds around them.  Having 4 shield depletion passives might mean it is in your best interest to not use redirection for example.  Or by having energy generating passives to replace flow and streamline.


There can also be passives that are always in effect but will get gradually stronger.  For example;


         The lower your shield is, the faster your sprint speed is.

         The lower your health is, the faster your energy regenerates.

         The lower your stamina is, the more critical damage your melee attacks does.         


In the end, the idea is that they will add depth to builds and gameplay, but never be forced or required.  Because there are no polarizations, you can feel free to swap them out for different setups, which will work perfectly with presets.  Which I thought was funny with its addition.  Our builds are basically tied down because of polarization yet we can easily swap different presets?  Well regardless, this will not have this problem.  But more importantly, they use separate slots from the other mods.  So you won't have to give up ie. Focus for fortitude, or steel fiber for fast deflection.  You can easily add it to whatever build you have.   

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the never dying trinity, i can see it now...


You can already do that with just Rage, so I don't see a problem with that =)


But I meant you are immune to knock downs and staggers.  So I should change the wording on that.

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