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Kubrow coloring inconsistencies and other problems


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CoSh8xy.jpgokay for the first bug for some reason colors show up in the wrong shade on certain kubrow skins and accessories. This is a huge problem for customization IMO. This is supposed to be Gallium Grey on my kubrow which should be much closer to the color of my excalibur prime. (and normally on other kubrow skins, it is) I could choose a different blue but there's nothing else close to gallium grey to match my Excalibur Prime's color scheme's blue.  


Okay for this next issue it's also related to the Gallium Grey color scheme. For some reason the color shows up as blank on the UI here even though I have clearly chosen it. I've tested it with other kubrow colors and they all work fine. Just seems to be gallium grey having the issue.

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Blank box is because Gallium Grey is the Kubrow's default color.

Note that right now the arsenal has a much more intense lighting than it would be recommended to preview Kubrows and Kavats, therefore the colors look way brighter in that spot than it should.

Also, remember the skin has different materials and won't necessary show the color in the same way the Excalibur Prime Warframe's leather does.

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Um no regarding the default color thing until a recent update Gallium grey functioned properly on my kubrow. Also another thing: Gallium Grey isn't actually Grey at all. it's a light blue color and it shows up that way on every other Kubrow fur pattern except the Tang Prime one.

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