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WTB Arcane Energize MAXED for 1600p


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exactly what the title says.

Side note:

I'm buying this arcane at max rank for 1600 plat because it's not worth any higher since it's overall strength as an arcane compared to others like Guardian and grace that increase survivability is lower than grace or guardian. i value things based on how strong they are and focus very very little on the time and investment since time and investment =/= high value. since zenurik exists the value of energize decreases, factor that in with time and investment to getting 10 energize arcanes and that value of it is AT MOST 1600-1700 plat. since i've seen what energize and guardian can do i can tell that guardian is worth far less (not like it's a bad thing, more plat saved i guess :P) than energize SHOULD be. but that's just my below 1% opinion i guess.

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