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Public derelict


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5 minutes ago, Bagadyr said:

Do you think that derelict should be given public matchmaking? Its hard to find somebody to play it besides odd and ods. It would be public, but every player would have his key consumed. 

Why not just remove keys from Derelict anyways? 

It sure would get a whole lot more traffic anyways. 

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Agree with both.

The only reason the derelict has keys right now it's because of the orokin vaults which ALREADY require their own separate key anyway and it's not like we get amazing, unique rewards in there except for the chance to farm at least 5000 mutagen samples. I mean, hexanon only drops on Jupiter but we don't pay a ticket to get in there.

If we are going to keep paying for a single visit in the derelict we should at least be compensated properly and since the derelict is just like any other mission I agree tossing the keys in the void and forget about them

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