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Nerf request: Strangledome


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6 hours ago, mikakor said:

You do know that DE actually allows macros, as long as , and I quote "the game doesn't play by itself" ? . If he FULLY automated his game, then yes, it's unauthorized, but he just macro'ed a series of action. But in the end, the movements were still something need to be put in by himself. At this point, macro for making semi automatic guns shoot quickly and in auto mode, or spin to win macros to automate the ctrl + melee button is illegal, too?

Re-read what he used as an example mate. It would have saved you a whole lot of typing and questions directed at me.

His description refered to fully automated gameplay, except for finding the camp spot i.e bot level behavior from a macro.

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Yea sure, lets nerf Khora's only asset to the game and make her completely useless.

Until they rework FIX HER making her exalted whip her 4 and function like an actual Exalted weapon like Excaliburs blade or Wukongs staff, rebinding her Venari to her 1 to function like most other unility powers like Ivara's quiver and Wisps Founts, and rebinding her strangle dome to her 3, you shut you filthy mouth OP.

She's been hurt enough, and i would argue never really ever had her moment to shine. Her release was a train wreck, she got buffed, nerfed, and buffed again and she still isn't amazing. She is LITERALLY only good at strangle dome farming/defense objectives. While i agree thats not great, you need to lose your "Nerf of nothing" mentality and look toward what is ACTUALLY the problem. She's broken, and not in a good way and probably won't get the attention and care she needs because everybody only cares about Sheldon playing with Vaubans balls.


Side Note: (1)I'm actually surprised you see people playing Khora. (2)Why are you playing public survival? Arguably the WORST game type to play with pubbies.  


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On 2019-07-26 at 8:33 PM, Ryunokage said:

This is very true. However i very much doubt DE will nerf these examples. Fact of the matter is that a very large proportion of the general population do not have the sort of hand-eye coordination or ability to abstract in the manner that allows creative or critical thinking. Ergo these few examples while oppressive, do allow that illusion of power and agency that they would otherwise lack in real life. If DE were to make the game entirely skill based, I'd wager we would see player numbers drop sharply.

Moreover the above examples, while in no way rewards skill, at the same time do require what is in my mind, a greater degree of player engagement, albeit it in areas that do not require competence to succeed.

A little late in response to this buttt just wanted to express I totally agree, I was just using those as examples for rough counter points as to why if they aren't going to get touched, strangledome is Definitely not slated for any sort of nerf. This game is meant for all forms of play and all forms of engagement, so while yes those abilities do make it very 'uninspiring' to play certain modes in groups, what you say is entirely true. It checks a box for those that want to feel powerful but don't want to think through this games myriad of mechanics to do so, and to be honest, I dont blame them. They are a mess, its an MMO after all, even if its squad based. Takes a lotttt of time and effort to think through for arguably a marginal gain in effectiveness. But, I find that fun, some others find that fun, but I totally understand others who don't, and just want to drop in and drop rooms for an hour or two before jumping out to do other things. It might be a detriment to more skilled play styles, making it so that one click clears a room most efficiently so even the skilled players use it to do things faster, exacerbating the issue as they bring there knowledge to such a easy frame, BUTtt im off topic enough from the post itself at this rate, so ill leave it there. 

Point is, if they aren't to be touch, Strangledome is most definitely, not going to get touched, for while being a bit oppressive, it still requires engagement, while a lot of the others, require a heck of a lot less...

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On 2019-07-27 at 9:16 AM, (XB1)WhiteAngelWingz said:

Yea sure, lets nerf Khora's only asset to the game and make her completely useless...blah, blah, we've seen this already in this thread.

And, again, you have to wonder what game these people are playing. Obviously, Khora isn't part of it since there's no clue how she functions or plays. 

One could call pointing this out repeatedly contrarian, but Khora works quite well as she is presently. If you haven't player her, she's worth the effort to obtain. Nonsense like that quoted above can be safely ignored. 

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On 2019-07-25 at 4:01 AM, Ryunokage said:

wall of crazy useless stuff

SnuggleBuckets post makes more sense than the wall of crazy that you posted.

On 2019-07-25 at 5:06 AM, SnuggleBuckets said:

Nerf Request: Bullets.

I humbly submit that we should nerf bullets, for they promote a "fire & forget" mentality, I mean I just need to squeeze the trigger and release a volley of bullets in the direction of enemies, and then the bullets will do the rest of all of the hard work in actually killing enemies? What kind of active gameplay is that? I really don't have to do anything with those bullets to make sure that they succeed in their task? I can literally walk away from the bullets I shot towards enemies, content in the knowledge that they will do what they set out to do once they reach their target.
So please devs, may I request that you at least consider nerfing bullets.

Thank you


Now where is the gif of my dumpster fire I just set...

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