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Nightmare Missions Basic Unit Damage Goes Insane


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I just did the 10 Nightmare Missions Nightwave weekly, but it was a pain. Since i got into a lvl 33 Grineer Mobile Defense with No Shield Mode with my Nekros Prime, I just got killed in 2 shots by a lot of these units. Once was especially awkward. I had my 90% dmg reduction from Shield of Shadows, Arcane Guardian buff was active and i was blocking the enemy fire with my Atterax and a lvl 33 Lancer unit just killed me in 2 shots. This bug went on in the later missions too, no matter if grineer or corpus faction, i just got oneshot and sometimes my team to. Once 3 members of my team and their beast companions got oneshot by a Hyekka Master of the same lvl as the Lancer was, so it can't be a Nekros bug i think.

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